Guidelines for Cards

We want to be sure all of the cards we receive are able to reach the children. We ask that you read these simple guidelines before making your cards.

-All cards must be handmade  (no computer card-making programs please, such as Hallmark, etc.)
-All cards should be made specifically for children ages 0-19
-Please use loose glitter sparingly (make sure to shake off excess), stickles or glimmer mists are a great alternatives to regular shake-on glitter
-Small embellishments such as brads, buttons, googly eyes should not be used on cards intended for very young children (choking hazard).
-Please leave cards completely blank on the inside so the nurses and staff can write messages to the patient and their family. You may sign or stamp the BACK with your name, blog address, etc.
-Keep the cards upbeat (no "sorry you're sick", "get well soon", etc.), these cards are intended to take the focus off of the hospital and just be a cheery holiday or birthday greeting
-If you are able to, please include envelopes, especially if your cards are not the standard A2 size (4 1/4 x 5 1/2). If you can not provide envelopes, you can still send cards and we will provide envelopes where needed.
-The hospitals ask that we not include religious symbols/ themes in the cards. Many families have many different faiths and beliefs and the hospital staff is not always aware of what faith a child is.

Other than that let your creativity run wild and put some smiles on those little faces!! You may sign or stamp the back of your cards if you wish. All cards received will be stamped "Send A Smile 4 Kids" on the back also.

Thank you again, can't wait to see what you can do for these well deserving children!