For every card you donate to Send A Smile 4 Kids, you will be entered into a drawing for the current holiday prize pack. Prizes will be given in February, April, October and December.

The next drawing will be April 12th, so any card I receive by April 12th will get you an entry regardless of the theme of the card. The winner will be picked by random number generator. Everyone will be listed here and given a range of numbers based on how many cards you sent in and the order they were received. You will be able to look here to find your number(s).

For example, I made 11 cards before I received any others, I would be assigned numbers 1-11. Melissa donated 3 cards, she gets numbers 12-14 and so on. If random generator picks a number between 1 & 11, I win. Between 12 & 14, Melissa wins. I hope that makes sense to everyone. (This was just an example, I won't be including myself in the actual drawings)

I will keep a list of everyone and their numbers here. Good luck and Thank You so much for your donations!


Celeste, NC 1-3
Shirley 4-5
Karen 6
Melissa, OH 7-12 
Winnie 13-21
Karen 22-23