Thursday, January 22, 2015

It's a New Year at SAS4Kids and We are Cheering More Kids!

I am so happy to announce that we have signed on a new volunteer who will be accepting your cards for the kids who are inpatient at Children's Hospital of Illinois. Janet Bailey has volunteered to accept your homemade cards and deliver them to the kids at this new hospital! Here is Janet's address  where you can now start sending your cards to:

Janet Bailey
11722 Parkway Dr Apt 6
Roscoe IL 61073

Here is a wish list of cards and some info from the hospital: 

They have about 120 beds, and lots of kids from 5-12, but they also have a dialysis dept. that has "children" up to 20.  They have neo-natal with parents that could use cards of encouragement. Of course they have other children and cards for the youngest could just have colorful images, and teens. Because this is a Catholic hospital, they said they would accept cards with prayers, such as praying for you.

Wish list:
Well wishes
Have a great day
Thank you

CURRENT NEEDS: I am adding Mother's Day and Father's Day (FROM the kids) to this list for all our hospitals. Those two holidays and Easter and Spring cards are our next big holidays to make cards for. Please keep the older girls and boys in mind when you make your cards because we get the fewest cards for these age groups.

Please join me in thanking Janet for stepping up to help more kids. We still need more volunteers in different parts of the country to accept cards at their address, sort and deliver them to children's hospitals near to their home. Please contact me via the contact feature if you would be willing to help in this way.

Stamping smiles 4 our kids, Karen 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

SAS4Kids Is Growing!

We have added another children's hospital to the number we are currently serving with the cards you donate! The children who are inpatient at U.N.M. Children's Hospital in Albuquerque, NM will now be receiving cards to cheer them and to use for relatives and friends on holidays and other special days as needed! That makes 9 hospitals we send your cards to!

Since we are receiving more cards and even some donations from more and more generous card makers, we were able to add this hospital. However, the cards will be sent from our Wisconsin location and each large box of cards is quite expensive to mail. If you can put a small donation in occasionally when you send in a box of cards (or without), we can keep up with this extra expense. If making out a check, please use our names only (Karen Hasheck or Sarah Taylor) in the "pay to the order" line, and put SAS4Kids Donation in the Memo Line so that we can cash them and use the donation for mailing expenses. Thanks!

We are still in need of more volunteers who are willing to use their address as a location where cards could be mailed to, to sort and label them and take or mail them to a near by Children's Hospital. If you think you might be willing to do this, please contact me via the Contact feature on the side of the blog, and then you can ask the hospital(s) if they would like our cards for their kids.

Thanks for all you do for our kids!

Karen SAS4Kids

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Can you Help?

Operation Write Home recently announced that due to the draw down of our troops overseas, they do not need any where near the cards they have been receiving. That is a good thing, of course, and they will continue to collect cards for troops overseas, just not as many.

As a result, SAS4Kids has been contacted by many of those wonderful card makers who have been donating to OWH and are now looking for another cause they can donate to. We are thrilled, of course,  and will happily accept more cards for our kids. But what we really need now is more children's hospitals to donate our cards to.

We would love to help more kids, but what is needed to do that is some more volunteers who are willing to accept sent packages of cards for kids, sort and label them, and bring or send them to a children's hospital or two close by where you live. We have the Midwest covered, but would love a site in the East, West and/or Southern U.S. and even some sites overseas. If you are from Canada, please contact our Canadian sister blog via the side blog badge to see if they have any need for additional sites or volunteers.

If you think you might like to volunteer to help, your first step would be to contact SAS4Kids via the Contact Feature on the side of the blog. If no one else has volunteered in your part of the country (or world), I would approve you to approach children's hospitals close to you to see if they would like to receive cards for their patients. Please read all the pages on the top of the blog and refer the hospital contacts to our blog as well. Feel free to copy and paste any info you want to share. I work with the Child Life or Volunteer Coordinators in the hospitals we currently serve, so that is maybe a place to start when contacting the hospitals.

We truly appreciate all the cards we receive for our kids inpatient in children's hospitals, and will continue to distribute all the cards we receive. Our current needs are mostly fall and winter holiday cards and birthday and thank you cards. Keep in mind the older kids when designing cards too- both boys and girls.

Stamping smiles 4 our kids, Karen SAS4Kids

Friday, May 30, 2014

Yes- SAS4Kids Still Wants your Cards for our Kids:)

We are so busy on the challenge side of this blog, I forget to come over here to update this page. I have a rare weekend off,  because only when there is a 5th Saturday in a month do I not have to do a major blog post on the challenge side. We love doing challenges, but the purpose of them is do draw attention to our cause, which is on-going and what we are all about- collecting and distributing hand made cards to cheer kids who are inpatient in Children's Hospitals. If you are here and wondering if we are still collecting cards, we are as long as the challenge blog is current. We intend to continue this cause for as long as we can.

Currently our biggest needs are boys cards of any kind, thank you cards, and holiday cards. It is not too early to start making and sending fall and winter holiday cards because those are times we want to be sure all the kids in the hospitals we serve get a card, and also  can choose cards to share with family and friends. It seems we never have enough cards for boys as well as teenage girls and boys.

We would love to expand to several more locations in the U.S. and even overseas. So if there is a Children's Hospital (or more than one) near you who might like to receive cards for their kids who are inpatient, contact me (via contact form on the side of the blog) for the details and together we might be able to cheer even more kids.

Stamping smiles 4 our kids, Karen