Friday, May 30, 2014

Yes- SAS4Kids Still Wants your Cards for our Kids:)

We are so busy on the challenge side of this blog, I forget to come over here to update this page. I have a rare weekend off,  because only when there is a 5th Saturday in a month do I not have to do a major blog post on the challenge side. We love doing challenges, but the purpose of them is do draw attention to our cause, which is on-going and what we are all about- collecting and distributing hand made cards to cheer kids who are inpatient in Children's Hospitals. If you are here and wondering if we are still collecting cards, we are as long as the challenge blog is current. We intend to continue this cause for as long as we can.

Currently our biggest needs are boys cards of any kind, thank you cards, and holiday cards. It is not too early to start making and sending fall and winter holiday cards because those are times we want to be sure all the kids in the hospitals we serve get a card, and also  can choose cards to share with family and friends. It seems we never have enough cards for boys as well as teenage girls and boys.

We would love to expand to several more locations in the U.S. and even overseas. So if there is a Children's Hospital (or more than one) near you who might like to receive cards for their kids who are inpatient, contact me (via contact form on the side of the blog) for the details and together we might be able to cheer even more kids.

Stamping smiles 4 our kids, Karen