Saturday, August 7, 2021

All Organized!

It’s been raining—A LOT—where I live so I have spent more time in my crafting space. The result? A lot of projects going on! 

The other result? A bit of a mess. 


While I try to keep a neat workspace, I often switch to a new project before the previous one is finished, so I end up making cards on top of papers, plans and sketches. I finally had enough! I took one particularly wet day and put everything away. I mean everything! I sorted and re-filed all my stamps, pens, inks, scraps, paper pads, ribbon, bling, tools, and – most importantly—all the cards for donation! It looks great, feels fresh, and best of all, my cards are counted, sorted by theme, labeled, and ready to box up for my hospitals! And I have a pile of items to donate to a teacher friend. Now…back to making things!


And speaking of making things, it’s time for the SAS4Kids Challenge. This month’s focus is on Thank You cards for the kids and their families to give to the nurses, doctors, therapists, staff, and volunteers—even therapy animals! Please join us! You can upload your card even if you don’t have a blog to link to…Just follow the directions at the bottom of the Challenge Rules page!


Enjoy the rest of summer and happy crafting!