Monday, October 26, 2015

Special Request from Our Illinois Volunteer

Janet Bailey here, your volunteer from Illinois. I have a special request for our kids from one of my hospitals that has 137 beds. Streamwood has requested cards with NO embellishments.  No popups, sequins, gems, buttons, ribbons, or anything that might be pulled off and swallowed.  Glitter glue is ok as long as it's non toxic.  Layers are fine, but everything needs to be flat.  When they first made this request, I thought it would be hard, but I pulled out a number of these cards from what I have on hand and they're beautiful!  I don't need all my cards this way, but I need quite a few since this hospital is so large!

(Edited to Add: Janet can use many more cards than the other locations as she has three large hospitals with many kids. So if you like to make lots and lots of cards, please send to Janet's address. The other new locations are happy to receive your cards as well.)

I am definitely ready for more Fall & Thanksgiving cards so if you have any already made, please ship them to me!   Plus all our hospitals are looking for Christmas and Winter themed cards. Remember that at Christmas and all major holidays, we like to have enough cards for the kids to all receive one, and to share with their parents,siblings and medical staff.  If there is enough, they could also send a holiday card to loved ones they are missing. So please while making these cards for our kids, make some that are without embellishments for these special kids at Streamwood. 

We appropriate every one of our card makers no matter how many cards you send!  Thank you for your dedication to our kids! 

Janet Bailey
11722 Parkway Dr
Apt 6
Roscoe  IL  61073 

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