Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Happy Valentine's Day

I was reading my email this evening and came across one from a national cookie delivery site. To celebrate the day, the owners of this company had solicited stories of love. Topics ranged from long-time sweethearts, to married couples enduring illness, and even a dog rescue. A number of responses were from Pediatric Nurses who mentioned how they bought Valentine’s Day cards to share with their patients, and how that little act of kindness made such a big difference in their patients’ days. 


It made me pleased that SAS4Kids is able to supply Valentine’s Day cards—and other cheerful cards—to hospitals. I would love to be able to reach more in-patient care centers so the nurses, doctors, volunteers, and staff are able to have these resources at work. If you know of a facility that would benefit from our cards, please send me their information and I will get in touch with them.


All of this outreach wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful card makers and donors who support us throughout the year. Whether it’s a monetary donation for shipping, a holiday-specific message or a general encouragement card, each and every contribution helps us make a pediatric patient’s day something special.


Thank you for your support!

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