Saturday, September 12, 2015

Update on Current Needs - Can you Volunteer?

What we really need is more volunteers and more hospitals full of kids to cheer with all the wonderful cards we are receiving! Most of our locations have been overwhelmed with the generous card donations they have been receiving. We are assuming many former OWH cardmakers are looking for a new charitable organization to send their cards to. But to be honest, we do not have the need for the numbers of cards that were being sent for our servicemen and women overseas by the OWH organization.

**If you live close to a children's hospital (or two) and would be willing to accept boxes of cards sent to your address, label and count them and then bring to the hospital(s) every so often, please send me an email via the contact button on the side of the blog.**

In the meantime, Sybrina has enough cards to last into November. At that time, you could send some Christmas and Winter cards her way. Lee Ann is happy to accept any cards you can send to her address, and this time of year would be needing fall and winter holiday cards. Janet is set for awhile too, but would like Christmas cards early so she can get boxes sent to all her hospitals. If you can, Janet could use help with her mailing expenses- those boxes are quite expensive to mail.

Of course, none of us will discard or turn away any cards received. If the cards are received too late or too many are received for a particular holiday or category, we will save for the next year or box. Both I and NanaConnie have small hospitals and have enough cards for quite a while already at our locations.

Thank you all for your generous support. We hope to announce many more children's hospitals full of kids we can cheer because we sure do not want to turn any of your wonderful cards away.

Sincerely, Karen SAS4Kids

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  1. Thanks so much to the card makers who have sent cards my way for Nationwide Children's Hospital! Your response has been overwhelming -- both figuratively and literally -- and I know these cards will bring lots of smiles to the kids at Children's. :)


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