Monday, September 28, 2015

Yeah- Another Hospital Full of Kids to Cheer!

We are happy to announce another volunteer has stepped up and will be accepting your handmade cards for kids in another children's hospital! Angie Murphy (see her smiling face on the side of the blog) has graciously volunteered her time and energy to receive your boxes of cards, sort and deliver them to kids in the nearby Children's of Alabama children's hospital! Here is Angie's address that you can start sending cards to right away:

Angie Murphy
250 Gablewood Drive
Montevallo, AL 35115-8936

We have been contacted by several other potential volunteers who are now in the process of asking local children's hospitals if they would like to receive your handmade cards. Some hosptials have restrictions against accepting anything from outside volunteers, so we can never just assume a particular hospital will be a good fit for SAS4Kids. But most are thrilled to accept your cards to cheer the kids and their families. So we are hoping to be announcing some more new volunteers and hospitals soon.

If you have a box of Halloween/Fall cards ready to go, it would be OK to send to Angie or the other active addresses listed here (except Sybrina.) But if not, your next box can definitely include holiday and Christmas cards so every child in our hospitals receives one and is able to choose some for family and friends they are missing that time of your.

Thanks Angie for volunteering! And thanks to all of you who make and send in your cards for our kids!

Stamping smiles 4 our kids, Karen

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